V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 Set


If you love pour-overs, or need to get a V60, you will love this set!

It contains:
– 1 x Hario White Ceramic V60 02
– 1 x Hario Glass server 02
– 1 x Measuring spoon
– 100 x Unbleached filter papers

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The Ceramic v60 acts as a great thermal insulator, which can hold temperature to a certain extent as long as the ceramic is preheated with hot water, you need to wet your filter in it anyways 😉

The glass server is the perfect v60 companion, the v60 fits snugly on top of it whilst you are making the perfect pour-over. It also serves as a great decanter for coffee in general.

The unbleached paper filters are environmentally friendly and looks pretty cool compared to the bleached white ones.

If you have this kit, there’s definitely no excuse to make a stellar pour-over coffee!


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