Meet the Team

Frederik Dreyer


Frederik is quick to join in on any adventure, but at Gegrond he always wants to slow down and think things through. He is the guy that personifies “Stop. Think. DO”; unfortunately, this only applies to business😉. Frederik is always searching for a new crazy location to brew his favourite coffee – Gegrond.

The versatility and ease of making a great cup of coffee, pretty much anywhere, is what makes Aeropress his go-to brewing method (despite owning almost every coffee-making contraption).

The Drakensberg is Frederik’s second home and on Tuesdays you can find him at Wolwespruit, running the time trial and enjoying his favourite recovery drink, a cold Hazeldean Pilsner.

Pieter Conradie


Let’s start off by saying that this guy takes the Nike slogan “Just Do It” way too seriously – Pieter is the Yes-Man who is always on the lookout for his next adventure! A fan of African coffees, Pieter loves the juicy mouthfeel that these coffees typically provide.

Even though he is the guy with the espresso machine, Pieter is a big fan of preparing his morning coffee using a V60 pour-over – always pushing his coffee to its full potential.

However, we strongly advise avoiding discussions on this topic with him as you might find yourself stuck in a never-ending discussion (this guy can go on for hours when asked how he prepares his morning V60).

Fun fact – On meeting Pieter, you might be surprised by the unique qualities of his hair. It is fair to say that he might just be the blondest guy you’ll ever meet!

Megan Oettle

Coffee Proffessional

A young Megan was happiest being outdoors with her feet in the sand. Since then, she dreamed of becoming a surfer girl from Gauteng and labelled herself as a Hipster. This notion has not changed as time has passed.

Halfway through medical school, Megan realised that great coffee saves lives too and has since dedicated herself to saving lives, one cup at a time.

Outside of Gegrond, you will find Megan being fiercely competitive on a sports field, supporting her beloved Arsenal Football club or surfing at Elandsbaai. The final touch would be her racking up wins in Call of Duty and nourishing her soul through Cortado’s on her Breville.

Leendert Dreyer

Roaster / Web Designer

Not much of an outdoor person, unless you count camping and 4×4 trails. Leendert’s love to go on off-road adventures started in 2016 when he bought his Suzuki Jimny.

He joined the team a little later into the game, when they required his skills as Web Designer to help grow the online business into what it is today.

He’s also the full time roaster at Gegrond, being addicted to eating coffee beans, he tastes every batch to ensure its quality 😉

Leendert enjoys his coffee the most with a plunger during his gaming sessions at night.

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