Zambian Anaerobic Fermented Natural. (Special Release)


This is our first coffee from Zambia, and what a gem it is!

The processing method used on this coffee is quite special. It’s a Natural that has been anaerobically fermented. The result… an exquisite coffee with a cup score of 86 and flavour notes to back it!

Red berries and red wine for days!

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  • The red cherry coffee from the field was picked by a designated group of workers
  • They picked the cherry from middle of the canopy
  • The harvest was double handpicked (re handled) to ensure 99% of full red cherry
  • The harvested red cherry is taken to closed, airtight tanks and after visual inspection to remove any leaves etc, the cherries are left to ferment for 24 – 30 hours. The Cherry tank is then opened, and the cherry is washed lightly in buckets to remove any residual and unwanted matter, as well as any floaters to be removed.
  • The cherry is then dried on raised African drying tables for 18 – 20 days in the sun
  • Each table was allocated a dedicated lady worker to keep hand turning the coffee as well as to pick out any visible defects
  • Open sun drying in the mornings and late afternoons
  • The tables were covered with shade nets between 1100 and 1600 hrs to ensure a very gentle shade drying
  • The dried cherry coffee was hulled after it had been rested for 6 weeks
  • It was then graded and subsequently again handpicked for removing any residual visible defects

The process enhances the natural flavours and refines the sweetness, body and acidity in the coffee. The chocolate, cocoa, caramel and fruit flavours become more prominent.

Cup Comments:  Powerful perfume aroma

Sweet, intense red berry flavour with notes of red wine. Smooth finish with soft mouthfeel

Cup Score: 86

Origin: Zambia
Processing method: Anaerobic Fermented Natural
Altitude: 1300 – 1500 masl
Varietal: Java

Tasting notes:
Red Berries | Wine


Additional information

Weight N/A

250g, 1 Kg

Grind Profile

Whole Beans, Filter Grind, Espresso Grind


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