Traveller’s Journal


What makes this journal different… it was designed by travelers for travelers. We added unique features such as a storage pocket for your passport or a map โ€“ a true all in one companion.

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How this journal works: Fold (or cut) a few A4 papers in half and slip it through the leather strap on the inside of the journal. This means you can take lined paper, blank white paper, music sheet or whatever you feel like. And replace as needed.
You also have three pockets to store your cards so you can easily buy yourself a coffee while you are jotting down your thoughts. And probably one of the most enjoyable features of the journal is the pouch on the inside of the journal which easily stores a small map, photo or passport.

This journal is a true all in one journal and will satisfy all your travel needs. With the “refill” capabilities of this journal, it will last you a lifetime!

*We will be creating and uploading downloadable templates in the near future that you can print to turn the journal into a daily scheduler, coffee cupper companion and much more!


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