Decaf Colombian Excelso


There’s a time for every type of bean.

Our decaf beans have gone through a complex MC process, done by the Coffein Compagnie in Bremen Germany, to ensure that you get that rich, full flavoured taste, but that you are able to enjoy your favourite drink in the evening and still get a good night’s rest.

The Colombian Excelso Arabica Decaf boasts a chocolate aroma with subtle stoned fruit flavour, malic acidity and a medium body aftertaste.

Koffie kuiers have never tasted this good!

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Origin: Colombia, South America
Grade: Excelso
Processing method: MC Decaf process
Caffeine content (average): 0.030%

Tasting notes:
Chocolate | Stone Fruit

*The Aeropress and mug featured in the picture are not included in the price

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