Costa Rica- Maria Alvarado (RED HONEY)


This coffee is delicious, as you would expect from any of our coffees, but what’s unusual about this one, is the processing method – red honey.

To find out what “Red Honey” coffee processing method is, check out our new blog post HERE

Get caffeinated with a smooth, medium to full body coffee, showcasing Crème caramel and stewed fruit on the palate. Simply delicious!

This coffee is only available as a Medium roast in 250g packets, and is limited to 60 bags, so order yours now!

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Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Pacaya, Tarrazu
Owner: Maria Alvarado
Varietal: Caturra (Arabica)
Processing method: Red Honey
Altitude: 1800 masl

Tasting notes:
Crème caramel, stewed fruit. Medium malic acidity. Medium- full body. Smooth.
Espresso centric, Dessert like.

Tarrazu is known to produce some of the most favourful cup profiles in Costa Rica.
Maria was born into a coffee producing family and dedicated all her life to produce specialty coffees from probably the best-known producing area of Costa Rica, Tarrazu.

*The rusks, branded mugs and coffee equipment featured in the pictures are not included in the price.


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