The Don Claudio from Costa Rica


The Don Claudio.

Our second premium coffee is sourced from Costa Rica, in the Perez Zeledón region of San Jose. The Don Claudio.

A Naturally processed coffee that will surprise you with it’s Chocolaty and deep fruited flavours.
It’s full body and juicy mouthfeel ensures that this coffee does not disappear in any milk based drink, but as always, we recommend drinking it black and without sugar.
Frederik enjoys the Don Claudio with a French press, and as usual, his AeroPress as well.
This coffee is only available as a Medium roast in 250g packets, and is limited to 30 bags, so order yours now!

PS. We love this coffee so much that every bag has been hand decorated!

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Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Perez Zeledón, San Jose.
Altitude: 1600 – 1900 mamsl
Topography: Mountainous
Type of soil: Volcánic
Temperature: 22° C
Humidity: 75%
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Obata
Harvesting Method: Hand Picking
Processing method: Natural (unwashed)
Tasting notes:
Treacle Sugar, Complex fruit (stewed fruit) Chocolaty rich and creamy. Medium- Full body. Juicy mouthfeel. Medium, complex acidity.
Q Grader Score: 84.75

*The rusks, branded mugs and coffee equipment featured in the pictures are not included in the price.


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