Colombian El Puente Natural


This is our second coffee from Colombia, and will be a limited premium gem!

The cooler climate of southern Colombia produces such sweet natural processed coffees. Lower temperatures slow down drying, resulting in juicy red fruits and orange peel notes with a very low citric acidity. A dark chocolate and raisin sweetness quickly overtakes the acidity and left on the tongue is a nice caramel finish with a hint of dried fruit.

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El Puente is a pilot project that is supported by community investments in the sustainable development of rural areas.

Given that the economic factor for the producing families near El Puente could have an added value in their coffees, since, from the beginning, those producers that have one or two hectares, do not have a pulping or drying mill on their farms and have to sell their wet coffee. It is there where the mill receives the coffee from the neighbouring producers and pay them at a premium price, even without having the coffee processed. This social impact helps significantly to motivate the coffee farmers to cultivate good quality coffee and how important it is to maintain the harvest very well.

Cup Score: 86

Origin: Colombia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Processing method: Natural
Altitude: 1.550 – 1.980 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Caturra – Colombia – Castillo – Bourbon

Tasting notes:
Panela, red fruits, orange peel, dark chocolate, rasins, caramel, dried fruits

Additional information

Weight N/A

250g, 1 Kg

Grind Profile

Whole Beans, Filter Grind, Espresso Grind


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