Meet our latest coffee!


A very special ethically sourced washed coffee from Colombia! This coffee is packed with flavour notes of yellow fruit (papaya comes to mind), vanilla and sugar cane! This coffee scored 86 cupping points, so it won’t disappoint.


The ‘Cauca Blend’ is a collaboration of smallholdings from the region Cauca in Colombia, some farms are less than 1 hectare. The association called ’Asociación Nuevo Futuro’ helps farmers in this region to consolidate the certified speciality organic market and help to improve the cup quality and adopt better agronomic practices!


We would recommend you try out this coffee as a pour-over, AeroPress or filter coffee.

Coffee Info

– Coffee name: NUEVO FUTURO: Cauca Blend Washed
– Grade: Product of Colombia

– Country: Colombia
– Region: Timbio and El TamboCauca
– Altitude:  1.600 – 2.000 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Castillo – Colombia – Caturra
– Drying: Sun Parabolic
– Processing: Washed

– Notes: Yellow Fruit, Vanilla, Panela and Sugar Cane
– SCA Score: >86

Farm Info

The Cauca Blend is a washed coffee, produced by a small coffee growers association called Asociación Nuevo Futuro.  Nuevo Futuro is a coffee growers association with more than 200 families spread across five municipalities in the department of Cauca, mainly in the Timbío and El Tambo municipalities and they are organized in several local boards that share information and provide technical assistance “farmer to farmer”.

Luz Elva Chacón leads the Nuevo Futuro community of farmers, which was formed in 2008 in the municipality of Popayán. They have two segments or focuses, the first and most important of which is to consolidate their association with the certified specialty organic market. In turn, they also help non-organic coffee producers to market their coffee, additionally seeking to improve their cup quality and learn better agronomic practices. Most of these associated producers are small holders, with 1 hectare or less per farm.