High on Caffeine

I don’t know if you have ever been to the Drakensberg, but if you haven’t, put it on your post-lockdown travel list.

The Drakensberg is definitely one of our favourite places to go. The sheer intensity of the mountains makes you feel small and insignificant, yet it also gives you a profound sense of security and purpose.

When you sit up there at 3000m above sea-level, after a long day of hiking, you tend to think about how the mountains have been the same for ages. You think about all the people that came there before you and spent their days in the Berg’s penthouse caves. It makes you realise just what a special place it is.

It is a place that has been an escape for generations of people; some testing their mental and physical strength in this God-encountering place, others resetting their souls in the stirring winds that rush through the mountain tops.

This photo was taken at Ifidi cave during a recent bachelors “party” hiking trip.



Gegrond Tanzanian Dark Roast – *80g adventure pack – Espresso grind
*Perfect for hikes or other weight conscious adventures.

​-Brewing method in use-

AeroPress inverted method



1) Invert the AeroPress.
2) Add 15g of Gegrond coffee.
3) Place a paper filter in the cap and wet it
4) Pour boiling water on the coffee, only filling it a 1/3 of the way, *Start Timing
5) Stir gently with the mixing paddle, ensuring that all the coffee grounds are properly wet.
6)Now you can fill the AeroPress to the top with the boiling water. (Remember, at 3000m above sea level the boiling point for water is 90 °C, thus no need to let it cool down a bit after boiling)
7) Lock the filter in place.
8) *After 90 seconds, start pressing down, push down for a total of 30 seconds.
9) Enjoy a spectacular coffee with your spectacular mountain view

Enjoy the coffee!